The latest chatbot technology designed for local government providing 24/7 automated access to FAQs and payments through social media, text, and more.


Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate monotonous government processes and tasks, providing solutions that are able to be customized for any environment.


Developing custom software solutions to fill in the gaps or as entire platforms for local government services guided by a local government professional with nearly 20 years of experience.


eAllianceGOV is dedicated to transforming local government through cost-effective software solutions which provide the innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning. We refer to automating government as govomation. Led by Doug Petroshius, a local government professional with 20 years of experience, and backed by eAlliance's 15-member development team, eAllianceGOV is committed to providing solutions which make communities work faster and leaner, thus improving the lives of citizens.

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