The latest chatbot technology designed for the local government providing 24/7 automated access to FAQs and payments through social media, text, and more.


Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate monotonous government processes and tasks, providing solutions that are able to be customized for any environment.


Developing custom software solutions to fill in the gaps or as entire platforms for local government services guided by a local government professional with nearly 20 years of experience.


Cutting edge chatbot technology, ideal for local government, providing 24/7 conversational customer service experience using Alexa, Facebook, Twitter, and text message.


Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate monotonous government back-office processes, with no back-end integration.


We are available to meet your custom local government software needs. In 2018, we developed a custom Community Development software suite in under six months, moving a municipality from a completely paper/spreadsheet driven experience to a modern, cloud-based user experience.


eAllianceGOV is dedicated to transforming local government through cost-effective software solutions which provide the innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Workflow & Data Entry Automation

Eliminate tedious and monotonous data entry and “swivel-chair” processes using AI-enabled bots that work 20 times faster than humans, allowing employees to do more meaningful work.


Transfer the dreaded daily chore of entering invoices into the accounts payable system to software robots. Simply attach an invoice to an email, include the account number and description, and click send. The bots take care of the rest and your staff have time to devote to more meaningful work. Leverage the bot’s AI abilities to analyze purchasing trends and make better purchasing decisions.


Accelerate payroll processing up to 20 times faster and eliminate data-entry errors by using software robots  which automatically access payroll-related applications such as time-keeping software, payroll software, and banking portals.

GIS Updates & Open Access

Up-to-date GIS data is essential to every county, municipality, and utility. Software robots are able to work around the clock keeping GIS data up to date, pulling in data from other systems without any back-end integrations. Additionally, create a more open government by connecting AI-enabled into the GIS database to allow citizens access to information about their property from the convenience of Facebook Messenger, Twitter, email, text message, and other communication channels.


Job Applications

In this day and age there is no reason for job application processes to be routine and tedious. Use software robots to pull data from applications into a spreadsheet or directly into an HR Module. Additionally, use a chatbot to accept applications, answer questions about employment opportunities, pull in data from LinkedIn profiles, and schedule interviews.

Crash Reports

Assign your records clerks to more cognitive tasking through crash report automation. Copy information from one system to another, ensuring that records management system reporting is timely and accurate. 

Personnel Action Forms

Repetitive and manual tasks have caused Human Resources professional to work as robots, where they should be works as humans for humans. Personnel Action Forms are an excellent example and are ideal for intelligent automation by software robots. Robots extract the requisite data from the form and load it into an HR system with the knowledge that it is being updated quickly and accurately.

Document & Records Management

Instead of scanning and digitizing documents one at a time, scan and save thousands of documents in a network folder and schedule the software robot to import and index documents overnight, on weekends, or holidays, save your staff time to do more meaningful work.

Daily Custom Reporting

Decisions are best made with information, which is most often retrieved from databases using reports. Some of the best reports require routine maintenance to adjust columns and add headers to be presentable to stakeholders. Further, information is best displayed when report data from multiple systems are merged together. Use software robots to perform this laborious chore and deliver them to your inbox month, week, or even day to help you become a better decision-maker.

Customer Service Automation

Leverage AI to provide 24/7 customer service assistance to citizens in a conversational dialog – Customer Service Bots are capable of self-teaching, reading emotion, obtaining answers from city software products, and can work alongside human customer service agents or be completely autonomous.

Citizen Request Management

Today, every community needs a robust citizen request management (CRM) in order to keep pace with citizen demands of an Amazon-style of customer service. Enhance your CRM by integrating it with an AI-enabled chatbot to provide a 24/7, automated customer service experience to your citizens which can both provide answers and act on service requests using text message, email, and even social media. 

Online Payments

Remove citizen payment portal friction and meet the demands of the millennial generation in your community by integrating payment processing with a chatbot. Citizens can pay using Facebook Messenger, Twitter, text message and other methods. This is online payments made easy via a simple, convenient, message-based interaction that is fast and secure. 

Building Permit Applications

Most building contractors do not use a computer everyday or will know to download every town’s unique mobile app. Instead, raise your business-friendly profile by enabling automation in your permitting processing using chatbots and software robots. An automated, conversational digital assistant will allow contractors to complete building permit applications at any time of the day using their smartphone where it is on social media, text, or other communication channels. 

Community Digital Assistant

Create a city, county, or district digital assistant and give it a name and brand unique to your community character. The assistant will be the go-to source of information for your residents, 24/7/365. Digital assistants have a memory, can read emotion, and learn from every customer service interaction. Digital assistants are also excellent at working side-by-side with human agents, providing them with the entire history of a conversation in order to best resolve a citizen’s needs. 

Work Order Notifications

Integrate chatbots with your asset management and work order system to keep citizens and employees notified of work order status using email, text, and social media. Employees can report updates to the chatbot which can then integrate with software robots to update databases for the benefit of future work order requests.


To take advantage of the inherent speed and simplicity of speech-to-text and text-to-speech based communications. Our chatbots have an automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine to enable voice-driven interactions between bots and users, allowing chatbots to communicate outside of traditional text interfaces or messaging applications, including IoT integrations like IP phones, wearables, and speech-enabled gadgets like Amazon’s Alexa and more. This extends the chabot’s capability to understand voice commands in channels like a website or mobile app, where speech-to-text functionality isn’t typical.


Q: Doesn’t this mean that jobs will be eliminated? 

A: No. Our goal is to increase the capacity of an employee. For example, no local government has an employee dedicated to answering questions or entering data 100% of the time. It may be more like 20% to 30% and is time that could be spent doing other, more human-like tasks.