AI-Enabled Chatbots

When people think of “chatbots” they often think of the annoying website pop-up menus, that provide stock answers to only the most precise questions, but today chatbots are capable of so much more. This is why chatbots are ideal for use in local government to enhance customer service and internal workflow processing. Chatbots developed by eAllianceGov are known as “AI-Enabled” which means that they are backed by the power of Artificial Intelligence. Imagine a digital assistant uniquely branded for your city, district, or county that can:

  • Provide a Personalized, Conversational Customer Service Experience using Natural Language Processing
  • Accessible by Multiple Channels: Text, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Live Chat, Telegram, Mobile Apps, Alexa, Google Assistant and More
  • Remember Interactions
  • Detect Emotion
  • Communicate in Multiple Languages
  • Maintain a Database of Over 100 FAQs
  • Recognize Speech-to-Text
  • Integrate with Software Applications and Enterprise Databases
  • Make Quick Updates using Intuitive Administrative Back-End
  • Make a Hand-Off to a Human Agent
  • Provide Real-Time Customer Service Analytics
  • Accept Payments

We call our bot Athena, who is the Greek Goddess of Cities